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schuett-biotec GmbH

„Made in Goettingen …“

schuett-biotec products being produced since more than 60 years at the headquarter in Goettingen, Germany and are offered and distributed to national and international customers directly or by a network of authorized distributors.

schuett-biotec GmbH offers a large range of equipment and consumables for Biotechnology, Microbiology and LifeScience of own manufacture - innovative instruments of excellent quality and covered by first-grade customer support worldwide.

Most of the products are self-explanatory, others can be put to better use following some personal consultation.

schuett-biotec products are state-of-the-art ...

Inoculating Loop Sterilizers
with the name schuett solaris

It’s magic … Sterilize with light.
For sterilization of inoculating loops, tweezers and small instruments within seconds.

Safety Bunsen Burners 
with the name schuett phoenix II

Unique and comfortable for each sterilization process.
Safety Bunsen Burner for lab tasks such as sterilizing, heating or scarfing.
Different models and accessories available.

Roller Bottle Incubators 
of the product family of INCUDRIVE

For the production of e.g. vaccines using adherent cell cultures.
Roller bottle incubators for rolling up to 90 bottles.
Different models as well as various alarm systems available.

Manually Colony Counters
with the name schuett coun
Designed for reliable and efficient counting of bacterial colonies and bacteriophage plaques growing on nutrient agar or nutrient disks/filter disks in Petri dishes.
Accessory for different applications available.

Automatically Colony Counters
with the name schuett colonyQuant

Software with intuitive user guidance allows counting within seconds, with only 2 clicks ... No matter whether to evaluate 400 or only 20 samples per day ... whether Petri dishes to be evaluated have a diameter of 60, 90 or 150 mm ... up to 3,000 colonies are counted on one Petri dish.
Quickly switching between stored counting parameters on different agarsorts and count nutrient discs/filters or Petrifilm, etc. 
UV excitation as off-the-shelf standard for working with fluorescent germs such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa or MPN.
Especially suitable for working with drinking water or process water samples etc. and also for RODAC plates.
A clearly arranged database saves and documents all counting results. 
The software works with user levels and configurable user rights and can optionally be extended for 21CFR Part 11 compliant audit trails.

Today schuett-biotec GmbH presents their products at major national and international laboratory trade fairs, i.e. ACHEMA (Frankfurt), ANALYTICA (Munich), LABVOLUTION (Hanover), ForumLabo (Paris) or ArabLab (Dubai).